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"We just wanted to thank you for making our home building experience so enjoyable.  The personal service, the attention to detail and your expertise in the business were refreshing surprises for us.  We not only had the fortune to have you as our builders, we also consider both Jeff & Herb our friends now.  This is such a rare thing in the building industry, that we felt you should know how we feel.  Thanks again."
- Your Friends, Ron and Stacey White

"In February 2006, my wife and I started to design our new home.  We first contracted an architect.  We paid a pretty penny for him to draw up our dream house's floor plan.  After six months of dealing with the delays and headaches we finally began searching for a builder.  We searched out many builders on the internet and through contacts from our friends and family.  All we go in response to our inquiries were a bunch of "No's", "We don't do that", "You have to pick our floor plans", and abundance of double talking salespeople trying to sell us houses that were already built.  We had selected a parcel of land north of Winchester, Va.  Bonnie Sue Edwards, our realtor, told us that we needed to contact H&H Builders.  She had many good things to say about them, so we decided to meet with them.  When I met Herb for the first time I immediately felt that I could trust him.  I felt that Herb would stand by his word and could easily conduct business over a handshake.  This is coming from someone that doesn't trust anyone this day in age.  When we showed Herb and Jeff our plans and let them see what we wanted to do with the property they seemed interested, not only in the house but who we were personally.  Jeff and Herb looked at the plans we had, and informed us that they were not to code nor were they to scale.  They recommended another architect that they used a lot, and we had our drawings redone and at a fifth of the cost of our previous architect.  Since we were moving from Frederick, MD, staying on top of a project like this was important to us.  I was in constant contact with Jeff throughout the entire build.  Jeff guided us through a lot of things we did not know were involved in making the purchase of the land or in the making of a home.  They helped us out by offering to buy the land first, then building the house, so we would only have to go to one closing.  That made the financing even easier instead of buying the land, getting a construction loan, and refinancing it all at the end.  H&H even offered to put us in contact with a bank to help with our mortgage search.  I have never in my life done business with anyone that took the excellent time and care as H&H did with us.  They even gave us the keys to a few of the homes that they had recently finished to make sure we liked their product before we signed the contract.  Once the building started my wife was anxious.  She had picked out every little detail and was worried that it all had come to fruition.  Jeff put her at ease at every step of the way.  When there was a shortcoming in one area Jeff made recommendations on how we should proceed.  He always made those little improvements that I am sure get overlooked by other builders.  Jeff, Herb, and their entire crew did not want to put their name on anything that was not perfect.  The most amazing part of all of these recommendation is that it didn't cost us any more.  H&H kept us to our exact budget and we feel that we got a better product than we contracted forr.  Thanks to H&H we live in a home that we would have never imagined we could be in.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail from the woodworking to the stone work still amazes us.  On a weekly basis my wife will say in passing, "I can't believe we live here" and even more often she says "I love our home".  I must agree and so I thank God that we were guided into the caring hands of Jeff and Herb.  We could not have done this without you all.  God Bless You.  P.S.  The English Mastiff's love their dog room."
- Clint and Jessica Carroll - Hard Knox Farm

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